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The last couple weeks
I've had a very busy last couple weeks. Well, the week of June 26 wasn't that busy because I went away on a retreat from the 27th to the 30th. I needed it, and finding the place I went was an answer to prayer because all the retreat centers were full. Mom found me a hermitage cabin in Valle Crucis, NC that was connected to the Episcopalian conference center up there. There were four little cabins up on a mountain, and they were all self contained for solitary retreats. I had to bring in food, but they had everything else like a kitchen, a washing machine and dryer, a nice bed and bathroom, a little shelf of books, and rocking chairs on the front porch. There was a nice little porch swing across the street, and there was a chapel right next to my cabin. They also had hiking trails, and they provided walking sticks in the cabin. I hiked every day I was there except the day I got picked up because it rained that day. I walked down to a waterfall, up to a pond, to an old study field that App State University used to use, and to the conference center on my different hikes. I also hiked a very difficult loop trail that ended up back up by the cabins. It was steep and they warned me. I'm glad I had walking sticks because I couldn't have done that trail without them.

After my retreat, I stopped at Mast Store in Valle Crucis and bought a bag of mixed old fashioned candy. I found jelly nougats and put some of those in my mix, but they didn't have coconut Neapolitans. They don't carry those any more. I also bought some hard candies, several flavors of Caramel creams, mints, Mary Janes, two kinds of Bit o honey, and zots. I also bought a Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle so I could save the cap. After going to the store, we drove to my aunt's house in Boone to have lunch. Two of her granddaughters were there, and they were so much quieter and better behaved than my niece is it isn't even funny. She wasn't there, thankfully. She had VBS that week.

This weekend I finally had another chance to go to the swimming pool again. It was nice, and Mom, my niece, and I stayed for almost two hours. Thankfully, my niece found a friend to play with so Mom could have a break.

We had a nice Fourth too. Mom, Nate, my SIL, and my niece went to a festival in the morning. That festival was nice. There was a percussion unit there and they led a bicycle parade for the kids. There was also a fire truck that turned their ladder and hose into a giant sprinkler. I didn't run through the sprinkler, but I bought myself a snowcone to cool off.

That afternoon, Nick came over for dinner and then I rode back with him and hung out at his house for a while before the rest of the family met us to go watch Charlotte's fireworks. We threw poppers off his balcony, and he showed me a new video game that he helped fund. They used crowd sourcing to fund it. He found a parking garage where you could watch the show from the roof. The fireworks were an hour late because of a late baseball game, but there were amateurs shooting them off on the streets all around us, and we could see the Carowinds fireworks display off in the distance. There were neat fireworks in this display that I had never seen before. There were giant fire fountains, hearts, cracklers, and these pretty sparkles that floated down like butterflies. They also had a false finale. Everyone clapped and started to leave, and then they started shooting off more fireworks. My niece had a blast, and she met a new friend. That was a sweet golden retriever named QC. QC really liked my niece and kept her occupied while we waited on the fireworks. Toward the end of the fireworks, Nick and I had a funny conversation.

Him: Does she have a normal voice? (referring to my niece)
Me: No. Now you know why I went on retreat for three days.
Him: I totally get it.

Yesterday was a recovery day for me. I've had a bad cough since last Friday, and I only got about six hours of sleep the night before last. I don't remember what I did yesterday morning, but I slept most of the afternoon. Then we had a bad storm in the evening, and the power was off for two hours. It was worse for others though. CRC's network was still off this morning, and they had a tree down somewhere at CRC. Also, a friend's house got struck by lightning and it blew up their modem and wifi router. They will have to get new ones.

Mom, Nate, and his family are up north for the next week. Dad and I are thankful for the quiet. He ordered a second aquarium and is going to set it up over the fireplace. He needs a new filter that hangs off the back of the aquarium instead of one that is inside it. Once we get it set up, he's moving the male Endlers to the new one and leaving the females in the current one. He just traded a bunch of Endlers fry for some live plants. We are going to split the shrimps between both tanks. We like our Endlers. They are pretty and entertaining.


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