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I've been bad about not posting.
I finally have a break to write in here. It's been a busy past couple of weeks. Thagirion has visited me twice. I have family visiting from overseas. They are visiting relatives today. The Red Tails at work are feeling nesty so I can only go in their cage to clean it if they are in good enough moods to let me. I've had an ultrasound appointment to try and diagnose some side pains. Izzy has been very talkative, and the fish seem to have new fry every time I look in the tank.

My visits with Thag were really fun even though they were short. I got to take her over to the pond this time. It's a retention pond in a business park, and it's like an oasis for wildlife. There are always lots of birds, turtles, and fish there. It rained the day we went, but that didn't stop us from seeing some neat animals. The Great Blue Heron who fishes there was there that day. We also saw a giant grass carp, my first water snake of the season, lots of robins, a fledgeling swallow, and the ever present turtles. We also made several trips to Walgreens, and she found these colorful soaps that Dove makes. She bought the green one when she stopped here on her way north and bought the rest on her way back south. They included a pretty blue one, the orange one that smelled the best out of all of them, a purple one, and a tan one. They also make a pink one, and the original white one, but they sell those colors everywhere. She only found the other colors at the Walgreens in Huntersville. She also found a travel sized shower scrubby. We were talking about how they need to make those, and then lo and behold, we found them. They had pinkish-red ones, dark blue ones, and one yellow one left which she bought.

She also showed me a cute kids show on Youtube where all the main characters are parrots. The yellow budgie acted just like Bullet. I need to find more episodes of that show. It was so cute.

I've had fun with visiting family, but I'm glad to get a break. My niece is a high maintenance handful. She's just learning to ride her bike, but she wants to lead and hates it when more experienced riders pass her or go faster than she can. She would see me coming from the other direction and turn around and try to get in front of me. Luckily the road is wide enough I could swerve around her. She still needs to learn to get out of the way when a fast approaching cyclist (me) rings their bell at her. She also managed to do what I thought was impossible, fall while riding a bike with training wheels. She not only got mad at me for riding fast, she got mad at my brother (her dad) for riding fast and passing her. He was riding my old electric bike that still works.

We did have fun at the park. I took my niece on the carousel, and my sister-in-law took her on the little train, which I rode too. We also walked around the lake there, and let my niece get soaked at the splash pad. We went to Lexington BBQ on that trip. Other trips included a petting zoo and the Concord Mills Mall. My niece didn't go to the mall, thankfully. We are most likely going to go to the outlet mall without her too.

They visited my cousin in GA this weekend. I don't know how she's done it, but my niece broke her arm again. Last time she visited in 2015, she broke her left arm up by the elbow. I don't know which arm she broke this time, but at least she didn't need a pin put in this time. Mom is going to get a waterproof cast cover so we can take her to the pool. She loves the big waterslide, and luckily the water is shallow enough that she doesn't have to know how to swim to get out of the way. She doesn't know how to swim. That is one thing my brother will have to teach her because my SIL can't swim either.

I made Dad a cute card for Father's Day. He requested banana splits for dinner tonight.

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I was happy to have her visit. We always have fun when she visits. I only see the water snakes at that pond. I usually see other kinds of snakes, like black snakes. I have come across a copperhead once, which is a poisonous snake. At the raptor center, they usually have to relocate at least one copperhead each summer. They take them deep into the woods where there aren't a lot of people.

She hasn't been riding since she broke her arm. She's unlucky. This is the second time she's broken her arm, and the first time was the last time she visited us.

I make him a handmade card every year. Father's Day is the third Sunday in June.

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I'm a little bit scared of snakes, so I try not to get close to them. Someone got bit by a copperhead where I work a couple years ago, but it's because they didn't see it and ran over it with a baby stroller. We are very careful about making sure they are kept off the public trail after that happened.

She gets her cast taken off five days before she goes home, so maybe she can get in a couple rides, as long as she learns not to cut in front of me when I'm coming up fast.

You're welcome.

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I do respect them, and since where I work is part of a nature preserve, it's actually illegal to kill the snakes. The non-poisonous black snakes usually get out of the way of an approaching person, but the copperheads often have to be moved. The one I found was very calm, but he was stretched out all the way across the trail so there was no way to go around him.

She actually didn't break her arm riding bikes. She broke it while running through the woods with her cousins. She fell and landed on it funny. She did scrape her other arm up pretty bad from falling off her bike. She was going too fast and not paying attention to where she was going.

I enjoyed this post too and I agree it's nice to see if from the other point of view. I've been bugging Gamma to make a journal on DA already about our visit. If she had so much fun with me you'd think it's something she should share with everyone. It's no secret we're friends.

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Yes that's true or the other person might remember something the first forgot. Like I haven't talked about the soaps yet so I'm glad Actipton did. I plan to post a pic and then talk about that but she really enjoyed it from a sensing point of view which I would not have been able to explain as well.
If you talk to Gamma again you could ask her to post her point of view since I'm sure all of us would like to hear it from the other side.

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I forgot to post that I went shopping again to see if any other stores had the soaps. CVS had the green one and tan one. I also looked at the exfoliating one. They had a picture of the soap on the side of the box, and it is white with blue microbeads in it.

So far only Walgreens has them all, and your Walgreens might get them. I think they are new. I told my mom about them, and she hadn't seen them before I told her about them.

Do post your pics of them. I want to show them to Mom. Especially if you take one of all the bars together.

I went to my Walgreens yesterday and they had them as well as all the body washes and extra ones I had not seen. I think they are new and are just now being released. Oh and the deodorant is out in full size in all the colors too. I was very happy about that. I will go back and take pics of that sometime. I think they should come out all over the country now but your walgreens probably got them first. Yes I will post them soon.

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Thanks for doing that. Well we'll see. It's now been a day. It's stuff like this that's been annoying me about her lately.

I had fun reading this. Shenalong is right that it's nice to see the story from the other point of view. I had lots of fun with you too. I watched the cartoon with Chris last night and he liked it too. I will share it soon. I'm looking forward to coming up in Aug. We need to make plans.

I looked for other eps of that cartoon but didn't find any. There is a magazine all about the eclipse that I want to buy. I hope Earth Fare still has it. It has the map and the times which I need for planning purposes, but I probably could find those online too.

Well let's see. If we leave on the 18th we can arrive at our aunt's that night. Then a day to rest there on the 19. Then leave the 20 for your house and arrive in the afternoon. Only four hours. Then the next day we all go to SC? Not sure about my schedule after that.

It's too bad that's the only ep. Yeah that's all I've found too. One other person posted the same one on youtube but seems there's nothing else.

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I just added you back.

I don't post here as often as I used to. Real life piles up on me, and my brother's family is here until July 19th. I'm disabled and don't work, so I like helping my family out when I'm not volunteering at Carolina Raptor center or riding around town on my electric bike. We've had lots of good food. My sister-in-law is Korean so she's cooked some good Korean food for us. Also, my Dad cooked some pork BBQ in the electric smoker, and we ate several good meals out of that.

When I get a chance, I need to post about this past week.

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I've added you on LJ.

I actually have relatives visiting me. I'm glad they left for that one weekend when Thag was coming back from Canada. That way she could stay with me instead of having to book a hotel. The colorful soaps are new. I'd never seen them before she visited me.

I love that bird show and have watched it a couple more times since them.

She hasn't gotten to do as much since she broke her arm, but we did get a waterproof cast cover so she can go to the swimming pool. Her broken arm doesn't stop her from acting like a wild monkey on speed. She needs to go run around the outside of the house. That's what my mom used to tell my brothers and I to do when we had too much energy.

I love to ride and do so all the time because I don't drive. It's actually more difficult for me to ride at the pace of a learner who has training wheels than it is for me to ride at exercise pace. That is without using the electric motor too.

He enjoyed his card and his banana split.

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