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lots of stuff happening
Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted that I need to write about.

First, we have a fish tank now. It was Dad's idea to get it for my niece when my overseas family visits this summer. I decided to wait and let her name the fish. We have four Endler's Livebearers, two males and two females. We also have two fry, but we aren't sure if they are Endler's or not. They are closely related to guppies and can have fertile offspring with them, but they are a separate population in the wild. The males are prettier than male guppies. They are silver with a black bar, a patch of red, and a line of shiny green. They have black and red stripes along the top and bottom of an otherwise colorless tail. One of our males has a long flowing tail, and the other has a short tail. The females are plain silver with colorless fins, and right now the fry look like miniature females. If either fry is male, it will still be a couple weeks before they start coloring up. We also have three cherry shrimp and a snail. Those all like to hide.

Easter was nice, but I ate too much chocolate, most of which I bought the day after. We had prime rib, twice baked potatoes, broccoli salad, cooked carrots, and carrot cake for Easter dinner, and my brother, Nick, came to visit with his dog.

This past weekend, I went to the National Whitewater Center with Nick. It had a big festival going on all weekend, but I only went on Saturday. Nick had done a paddle board race on Friday and won his heat, so he went back on Sunday for the final of that race. On Saturday, I took Colby, while Nick paddle boarded for fun in the morning, and then he did the endurance race in the afternoon. I watched the entire race because I'd been walking around the center all morning looking at vendors, watching people on the water, and watching people do zip lines and rope courses. I didn't buy a pass to do any of that stuff, but watching was good enough. Lots of people had brought their dogs too. I saw the most adorable toy fox terrier.

I have finally seen Finding Dory. I liked Finding Nemo better, but Hank the octopus was a fun character. I also watched a cute documentary about puppies.

I've started the Whole30. I like getting to cook for myself once and a while.


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