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The past week
I got to do quite a bit of fun stuff over the past week, but I've only just now gotten a chance to write about it. This past weekend I got to go to both the Southern Spring Show and the Home Economist grand re-opening. I had been at a wellness fair the weekend before, and I found out about the re-opening. They have totally remodeled their store, and it looks really nice now. I don't go to that store often, but I'd been enough times to know where things were in the old store. I need to find everything again now that it's all new. Both the wellness event and the grand reopening had samples, goodie bags, and drawings, but Mom's and my luck has run out, and neither of us won anything at either event. We used to always win stuff at those things but not any more.

I had fun at the spring show trying all the samples and seeing demos. This is one time I wish I had more money because I want the vibrating platform. It's so fun to stand on, and it's like getting a massage without all the touching. I also saw a knife I wanted because it would allow me to slice things thinly without hurting myself. I'm too much of a klutz for a regular knife. I always want the swinging lounge chairs too. And if money was no object, I'd also get a juniper shrub so I could trim it into a Bonsai tree. I found out a lot of Bonsai trees are actually juniper shrubs. I also got to pet some sweet dogs. There was an off leash dog trainer at the show who had three dogs there, and Killingsworth pest control brought one of their dogs. She reminded me so much of Dixie.

Other than these weekend events, I've been working on collecting pictures for Dixie's tribute. It's been so hard going through our archive. That's both because it's tedious, and also losing Dixie has been the hardest pet loss I've had to deal with. I finished gathering pictures, and I'm not even going to look in the non-digital pictures. Mom set me a deadline of Wednesday which would be Dixie's 19th birthday, so I don't have time to go through boxes of old pictures. I still can't look at pictures of her without getting upset, but I've been forcing myself. I even found an old picture of Rudy that I wish I could have put in his tribute. It was of him standing on the kitchen scale, and it read,"1.0." (ounces)

At CRC, one of my Barred Owls is broody. She laid an egg last week, but since she dropped it from the high perch, it broke. She has been lying down on the perch, and she has a cuddle buddy. One of the others is very cuddly with her. It looks really cute. My Red Tails were extra skittish today, but I heard that they were all grabbed earlier so that's why. They got grabbed last Monday too because I got buzzed due to their skittishness.

It's cold outside. I want it to warm up so I can ride my bike.

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Sounds like you had a nice time. Those sound like neat things. I didn't know you liked bonsai. I sort of know a farmer here that raises them.
I can imagine it would be hard going through all those photos of Dixie. I was like that early on when I first lost Joel. That's funny you got a pic when Rudy weighed exactly 1 ounce.

Everyone's broody. Bullet's on three eggs right now but I don't think they are fertile. I can't find my candler or light pen to know. Her tummy feathers are terrible because of this.

I do like bonsai. The bonsai tree section is one of my favorite parts of the spring show. There is always at least one that reminds me of the gnarly old tree that was in the middle of the parking lot at my elementary school.

I need to put that pic of Rudy on DA. I just put one up of him going for a cinnamon roll, and it's been pretty popular on DA. Now I just need to make Dixie's slide show. I found a funny vid of her barking in slow motion, but it has no sound.

I hope some of her eggs are fertile. She's such a cute budgie.

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