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can't think of a title
I've been neglecting my LJ. I need to write in it more. I still need to make Dixie's tribute since it's been a week, but I still can't go through pictures of her yet without getting upset. I tried. Also, they are on Mom's computer, and it has that stupid trackball that I have always hated using ever since Dad bought it years ago. It cramps my hand.

I was buzzed at work today by one of the Red Tails, Big Red. She's the sweetest one of the three, but they are all skittish. In other CRC news, rehab got its first baby of the season. It's a Great Horned Owl, and it came in this past Friday. They gave it to our super foster owl mom, Betbait, who is still fostering chicks at age 32.

I'll have more exciting things to write about later this week because the Spring Show is this weekend, and also there are other fun things going on Saturday. The Bradford pear trees have already been bloomed out for a week, and this is the earliest I think they have been since I've lived here. We have had purple irises for even longer and the daffodils are blooming even though we don't have any of those in our yard. The other colors of irises haven't bloomed out yet. I want to walk over to the greenway and see if the white ones there have bloomed yet.

Izzy is out on the screen porch right now. He enjoys it out there especially when the Carolina Wrens are singing. He responds by imitating one of their chirps.

My family has all had stomach aches. I really want mine to go away.

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That's ok. We both have catching up to do here. That's understandable since it was a recent loss.

Ha that's funny about the hawk. That's so cool that old owl still raises babies. Makes me think of a very huge cream zebra finch hen I used to have that would help me hand feed babies. I would start them and she'd wean them. She raised other species too like Javas so when I used to do shows I was the only one with finger tamed hand fed finches. I'm glad there are signs of early spring everywhere. here we have the green leaves on oaks coming out. I love that light green. My Tabebuia tree is starting to flower. I love all those pink flowers.

Glad Izzy is having a good time.

Oh no. I can relate to tummy aches. Hope you all get better.

Betbait has been at it for a long time. She used to raise her own babies until her mate died, but she always raised others too. They usually only raise two or three in the wild, but she has raised much bigger groups of babies. They are usually able to self-feed by the time she gets them, and their food arrives pre-cut by the rehabbers. Her main job is to properly socialize them.

Tame finches sound so sweet.

I don't know what they are, but there were pink trees that bloomed a week before the pears did. Our Hydrangea bush is getting leaves right now.

It got cold this afternoon. Izzy didn't get to stay outside for very long.

Thanks. I hope yours is just a bug and goes away soon too.

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