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Sad day
sad budgie me
My family has to go have our dog put down today. We have had her almost 19 years. She would have turned 19 in March, and we would have had her for 19 years in May. She has been shutting down. She hasn't eaten or drank anything all weekend, and she's been sick to her stomach. My dad was up with her all night for the past couple nights, and the rest of the family sat with her all afternoon yesterday. We took her outside and let her sleep in the sun because it was nice weather. I'm putting off work until this afternoon because of this vet trip. I will make a tribute for her, but it may take a couple weeks to get it up onto Youtube since I have to go through 19 years of pictures both digital and not. I will post it here and DA both when I make it.

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Like I said on DA I'm very sorry about this. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

Thanks. It's really starting to hit me this morning. This is the first time I haven't had a dog since I was 8.

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