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The past week
I got to do quite a bit of fun stuff over the past week, but I've only just now gotten a chance to write about it. This past weekend I got to go to both the Southern Spring Show and the Home Economist grand re-opening. I had been at a wellness fair the weekend before, and I found out about the re-opening. They have totally remodeled their store, and it looks really nice now. I don't go to that store often, but I'd been enough times to know where things were in the old store. I need to find everything again now that it's all new. Both the wellness event and the grand reopening had samples, goodie bags, and drawings, but Mom's and my luck has run out, and neither of us won anything at either event. We used to always win stuff at those things but not any more.

I had fun at the spring show trying all the samples and seeing demos. This is one time I wish I had more money because I want the vibrating platform. It's so fun to stand on, and it's like getting a massage without all the touching. I also saw a knife I wanted because it would allow me to slice things thinly without hurting myself. I'm too much of a klutz for a regular knife. I always want the swinging lounge chairs too. And if money was no object, I'd also get a juniper shrub so I could trim it into a Bonsai tree. I found out a lot of Bonsai trees are actually juniper shrubs. I also got to pet some sweet dogs. There was an off leash dog trainer at the show who had three dogs there, and Killingsworth pest control brought one of their dogs. She reminded me so much of Dixie.

Other than these weekend events, I've been working on collecting pictures for Dixie's tribute. It's been so hard going through our archive. That's both because it's tedious, and also losing Dixie has been the hardest pet loss I've had to deal with. I finished gathering pictures, and I'm not even going to look in the non-digital pictures. Mom set me a deadline of Wednesday which would be Dixie's 19th birthday, so I don't have time to go through boxes of old pictures. I still can't look at pictures of her without getting upset, but I've been forcing myself. I even found an old picture of Rudy that I wish I could have put in his tribute. It was of him standing on the kitchen scale, and it read,"1.0." (ounces)

At CRC, one of my Barred Owls is broody. She laid an egg last week, but since she dropped it from the high perch, it broke. She has been lying down on the perch, and she has a cuddle buddy. One of the others is very cuddly with her. It looks really cute. My Red Tails were extra skittish today, but I heard that they were all grabbed earlier so that's why. They got grabbed last Monday too because I got buzzed due to their skittishness.

It's cold outside. I want it to warm up so I can ride my bike.

can't think of a title
I've been neglecting my LJ. I need to write in it more. I still need to make Dixie's tribute since it's been a week, but I still can't go through pictures of her yet without getting upset. I tried. Also, they are on Mom's computer, and it has that stupid trackball that I have always hated using ever since Dad bought it years ago. It cramps my hand.

I was buzzed at work today by one of the Red Tails, Big Red. She's the sweetest one of the three, but they are all skittish. In other CRC news, rehab got its first baby of the season. It's a Great Horned Owl, and it came in this past Friday. They gave it to our super foster owl mom, Betbait, who is still fostering chicks at age 32.

I'll have more exciting things to write about later this week because the Spring Show is this weekend, and also there are other fun things going on Saturday. The Bradford pear trees have already been bloomed out for a week, and this is the earliest I think they have been since I've lived here. We have had purple irises for even longer and the daffodils are blooming even though we don't have any of those in our yard. The other colors of irises haven't bloomed out yet. I want to walk over to the greenway and see if the white ones there have bloomed yet.

Izzy is out on the screen porch right now. He enjoys it out there especially when the Carolina Wrens are singing. He responds by imitating one of their chirps.

My family has all had stomach aches. I really want mine to go away.

Sad day
sad budgie me
My family has to go have our dog put down today. We have had her almost 19 years. She would have turned 19 in March, and we would have had her for 19 years in May. She has been shutting down. She hasn't eaten or drank anything all weekend, and she's been sick to her stomach. My dad was up with her all night for the past couple nights, and the rest of the family sat with her all afternoon yesterday. We took her outside and let her sleep in the sun because it was nice weather. I'm putting off work until this afternoon because of this vet trip. I will make a tribute for her, but it may take a couple weeks to get it up onto Youtube since I have to go through 19 years of pictures both digital and not. I will post it here and DA both when I make it.

I felt good on Christmas at least, even if I feel like crap now.

I got fleece pajama pants and matching slippers, a Chick-Fil-A calendar, an external hard drive, some candy and jerky, and a couple nice books. One of them came late, and it is a book on raptor rehabilitation by CRC's own vet, Dr. Scott. My brother, Nick, and his dog, Colby, came over. We got a fun game for Christmas, and Mom, Nick, and I played two games of it. Dad was cooking so only played with us one game. It's called Tokaido, and it takes place in old Japan. Then Mom and I took Colby for a long walk because he kept getting in trouble. He kept trying to eat everybody's jerky that we all got in our stockings. He would have gotten his peanut butter jar open if Nick hadn't taken it away from him. Yes, I gave Colby his very own jar of peanut butter for Christmas. Crack for dogs.

Then the next day, I felt good enough to go to CRC and clean cages, but stupid me decided to ride my bike to work. The trip over was fine, but the ride home was too much since the big steep hill on Hambright Road is difficult to ride up when I haven't ridden in over a month. Then I took a nap in the afternoon and went to CVS and Walgreens to look for after Christmas sales. I was cold when I got home, so I took my temperature, and had a fever of 102. Blech. Round three with this dumb virus. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and was tested for strep, flu, and mono. I didn't have any of them, but still had a fever of 102. I was put on big doses of ibuprofen and prescribed strong cough medicine. Medicaid doesn't cover cough meds, so I had to pay full price ($32) for it, but I did have enough money left in my wallet to buy that medicine anyway. It has worked better than Delsym, which is what I had been taking. I laid low yesterday, and my fever went away last night. I still want to sleep most of the time.

I also found out that Dad ate Nate's Christmas present. I thought I had told him that block of peanut butter fudge was spoken for. I know I mentioned it out loud at least twice. Now I have to make more even though I don't want to. Mom found out when she was going to pack it for their Thailand trip. She found it in a drawer 3/4ths gone. I'm a little mad especially since she won't let me yell at him because she already did.

Christmas to do list

Order Des's present (priority)
Call/email friend in Indy to get new address (priority)
email other friend in Indy
make more caramels for gifts (prioity)
make more jelly candy
make more peanut butter fudge
buy Dad's last present
Buy present for Colby
Buy present for Beretta
make coconut candy or divinity for Dad
Buy Spray millet for Izzy

Starting to prepare for Christmas
It's windy and cloudy today, and it rained last night.

We have all of the decorations up for Christmas now. The tree went up the day before Thanksgvining, and I put the lights on it then too. One of the chase light strands burned out, so we had to find more lights to replace those. Luckily, Mom found two strands of white lights and one strand of colored lights in the china cabinet. We were going to just use the colored strand and one white strand, but half of the colored ones didn't work. We used all those lights then and also two new strands of bubble lights. We decorated the tree on Thanksgiving Day after my brother and his dog went home, and I think we finally have all the less used and ugly ornaments consolidated into one box. We also got rid of some ornaments we don't want any more. Right now they are in a box under the Christmas tree, but we plan to donate them to Caterpillar Ministries.

I've wrapped a few presents, but I haven't done any of the ones I bought yet. I still need to buy foil tissue paper at the dollar store because I have a few small presents it is perfect for. I also need to get one more present each for Mom and Dad. I already know what I'm getting them.

I stirred up gingerbread dough the day after Thanksgiving. And then on Saturday, Mom and I decorated the rest of the house. The outside lights went up Sunday, and we decorated and baked the gingerbread cookies yesterday. We didn't make as many this year because we made more big ones. We might have a make another batch. I also have a new cookie cutter that I like. It's the ugly sweater cookie cutter, and Mom and I each made one. I still like trees and stars the best though. I made caramels this morning which are cooling right now. I'm going to make a new cookie recipe this week, but I need semisweet melting chocolate. Those will be for CRC's party on Friday.

I just got back last night from early Thanksgiving. We had one in Indiana with mom's family and one in Kentucky with dad's. When we were in IN we stayed with an old friend who has a sweet big dog and a 19 year old cat. They sleep together, and it's really cute. We also stopped at Russell Stover outlet on the way up, and I did some Christmas shopping. I bought a present for Mom, one for Dad, one for Aunt Emily, and a box of candy just for the family to share. I also bought some snacky things. One was a Mint Dream, which I love, and those are only at the outlets. Once we got to Indy, Mom got a speeding ticket. She was passing a big truck and didn't see the State Trooper. That will be a mess because half of the info on the ticket is Dad's including the name and DL number, but he wasn't even there. The officer must have gotten those from scanning the license plate or from the registration. He's going to call and get it straightened out.

Dinner on Saturday was fun. All of Mom's siblings and her mother were there, and two of my cousins, and a friend of Mom's youngest brother. He was funny. He brought a random box of stuff in and said it was gifts for everybody. There were two dogs there too. One was my uncle's dog, Mocha, who used to be standoffish but is now sweet. The other was my cousin's dog, Pearl, who is a rescue dog and very sweet. Mocha doesn't like her, so they had to take turns being in the house. We had really good food there, but they forgot to say the blessing which bothered me.

The drive between Bloomington and Avon, both going and coming, seemed sad to me. The little towns we drove through seemed more run down. The old movie theater in Plainfield is up for sale now. It was a single theater, and it couldn't compete with the stadium style multiplexes that are everywhere now. Also, most of the leaves are already down up in Indiana.

I have decided that I-74 is a boring road. There is nothing interesting out the window with all the leaves down and all the farm fields are just dirt right now. We had lots of fun at the Kentucky dinner too. Lobster Mac and Cheese was the highlight of that menu, and a lot of people liked Dad's stuffing. He makes it just like Granddaddy did. There were also noodles, deviled eggs, and chocolate cake, in addition to turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and regular mac and cheese for the kids. There was also banana pudding. I ate too much at that dinner, but it was so good. There were two dogs hanging around at that dinner too. Dixie had to stay in the car, and she got sick while she was in there. She had a rough trip.

Izzy was super cranky on the drive home yesterday. He's molting, and he dropped a long tail feather while at Grandma T's. He would pop at me if I so much as put my finger next to his cage. So different from the drive up where he was happy, chirpy, and animated. I think he was mad at me for leaving him for a couple days.

Today we are just doing laundry and cleaning up the house. I'm going to bring the tree in tomorrow and set it up, and maybe put the lights on too. Mom and I took Dixie to the vet today for a UTI that she got while we traveled, and Mom is making bread now. I finished Bible study and my laundry, but I'm so tired I don't know if I want to do much else today. Mom and I may bring in some of the Christmas crates from the shed.

I'm doing CRC stuff on Friday. Mom has plans to have a small Thanksgiving dinner for just our family and my brother. We are also going to watch the Macy's parade, but I'm not looking forward to it as much this year. I don't know why.

day trip and Halloween
mom and I ended up not going to spend Thursday night in Boone like we planned, so we decided to take a day trip to Brevard, NC instead. It is a little town in the mountains that is famous for white squirrels. We didn't see any of those, but we had fun exploring and shopping. They have one of the biggest toy stores I've ever been in. The first floor wasn't that big, but there was just room after room of stuff on the second floor. There were a lot of retro toys too which I think are more fun because they required kids to be creative in order to play with them. I also found a cute owl puppet in there. The other neat store was an old fashioned candy store/soda fountain. There was a store that sold jellies and dips that had lots of samples. Another store I liked was a gift shop/ice cream shop that had a cute little dog wandering around the store. I petted it. I also bought a pop at that store.

After downtown Brevard, we found a craft fair by chance and stopped there. There was some nice art there, and there were cute stained glass sun catchers and a room with hand made Christmas ornaments that reminded me of an old hand made one I have. I don't hang it on the tree because it's broken (could be repaired), but I've had it since I was 4 so I want to keep it.

We went to Looking Glass Falls after the craft fair. There are several pretty waterfalls in the Brevard area, but that one was the easiest to get to.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way home just to go to the store. They have lots of pretty Thanksgiving and Christmas things in there right now, but I didn't buy anything. I also forgot to sit in the North Carolina rocking chair.

I've had a sore throat since Thursday, and it was bad all day on Friday, but at least I didn't get really sick until we got home. I've felt like crap and spent most of Saturday in bed. I sat on the back porch and read yesterday because it was warm, but I still wrapped in my blanket. Izzy spent the afternoon on the porch with me.

I don't think I'm going to get to do much today. I don't even know if I will feel good enough to shop for half price Halloween candy tomorrow. I did buy a bag of Milky Ways earlier in October, but they have all been eaten.

last weekend
My family is dogsitting right now. We have my brother's dog while he is visiting my other brother in Thailand. He's had lots of walks on the greenway and in the neighborhood, and he also likes to chase my laser pointer.

This weekend was the first taste of holiday craft fairs. There was a big one that Mom and I went to on Saturday, but first we went to an Oktoberfest open house at a local nursery. They had free food and beer, but we didn't have any beer. There were crafts for kids too. We got our free food and looked around, but didn't buy anything this time. Then we turned around, went home to get discount coupons for the Christmas craft show, and headed over to it. It was really crowded, but I saw lots of things I liked. There was one photographer who is there every year, and he had some beautiful bird pictures including an adorable Great Horned Owl peeking out of a hole in a tree. I also saw a cute one at another booth of a rat terrier. There were good samples there too. One had toffee, and gourmet gummi bears. If that one is at the big Christmas show in a few weeks, I'm buying some toffee. I also had good hot chocolate, and other drink samples at one booth, and there were soups and dips at another, and jellies at another. I did buy some black walnut fudge for dad.

After the show, we went across the street to a little general store we like, and I bought a surprise. I'm not telling anyone what it is yet.

I'm pretty tired. I exercised a ton yesterday, so today I'm paying for it with pain. We have a party for Mom's middle school girls group tonight, and I have a dentist appointment today. Mom and I are also going over to Boone to see her sister on Thursday afternoon, and we are staying overnight. I won't miss any computer days. I just won't be on Thursday evening. This coming weekend I have to bake 5 dozen cupcakes for a kids' Halloween party.

Fall is here.
I haven't done much that is worth posting about, but Fall is here. Mom and I bought a pumpkin for our front porch at WalMart over the weekend, and Dad aerated and seeded the yard. Baking season started in Sept., and I forgot to post about Mom's birthday cake that I made. It was a caramel apple spice cake that came out of Southern Living. It also had cream cheese filling. I always feel accomplished when I make one of their cakes because they are difficult and time consuming.

The leaves are falling early this year. I've seen a lot more of them earlier on both the greenway and at the raptor center. Mom also saw three turkeys a few days ago. Hopefully they come back to our yard this year. We have corn for them.

I've been super lazy. I need to start posting more.


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