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I've been bad about not posting.
I finally have a break to write in here. It's been a busy past couple of weeks. Thagirion has visited me twice. I have family visiting from overseas. They are visiting relatives today. The Red Tails at work are feeling nesty so I can only go in their cage to clean it if they are in good enough moods to let me. I've had an ultrasound appointment to try and diagnose some side pains. Izzy has been very talkative, and the fish seem to have new fry every time I look in the tank.

My visits with Thag were really fun even though they were short. I got to take her over to the pond this time. It's a retention pond in a business park, and it's like an oasis for wildlife. There are always lots of birds, turtles, and fish there. It rained the day we went, but that didn't stop us from seeing some neat animals. The Great Blue Heron who fishes there was there that day. We also saw a giant grass carp, my first water snake of the season, lots of robins, a fledgeling swallow, and the ever present turtles. We also made several trips to Walgreens, and she found these colorful soaps that Dove makes. She bought the green one when she stopped here on her way north and bought the rest on her way back south. They included a pretty blue one, the orange one that smelled the best out of all of them, a purple one, and a tan one. They also make a pink one, and the original white one, but they sell those colors everywhere. She only found the other colors at the Walgreens in Huntersville. She also found a travel sized shower scrubby. We were talking about how they need to make those, and then lo and behold, we found them. They had pinkish-red ones, dark blue ones, and one yellow one left which she bought.

She also showed me a cute kids show on Youtube where all the main characters are parrots. The yellow budgie acted just like Bullet. I need to find more episodes of that show. It was so cute.

I've had fun with visiting family, but I'm glad to get a break. My niece is a high maintenance handful. She's just learning to ride her bike, but she wants to lead and hates it when more experienced riders pass her or go faster than she can. She would see me coming from the other direction and turn around and try to get in front of me. Luckily the road is wide enough I could swerve around her. She still needs to learn to get out of the way when a fast approaching cyclist (me) rings their bell at her. She also managed to do what I thought was impossible, fall while riding a bike with training wheels. She not only got mad at me for riding fast, she got mad at my brother (her dad) for riding fast and passing her. He was riding my old electric bike that still works.

We did have fun at the park. I took my niece on the carousel, and my sister-in-law took her on the little train, which I rode too. We also walked around the lake there, and let my niece get soaked at the splash pad. We went to Lexington BBQ on that trip. Other trips included a petting zoo and the Concord Mills Mall. My niece didn't go to the mall, thankfully. We are most likely going to go to the outlet mall without her too.

They visited my cousin in GA this weekend. I don't know how she's done it, but my niece broke her arm again. Last time she visited in 2015, she broke her left arm up by the elbow. I don't know which arm she broke this time, but at least she didn't need a pin put in this time. Mom is going to get a waterproof cast cover so we can take her to the pool. She loves the big waterslide, and luckily the water is shallow enough that she doesn't have to know how to swim to get out of the way. She doesn't know how to swim. That is one thing my brother will have to teach her because my SIL can't swim either.

I made Dad a cute card for Father's Day. He requested banana splits for dinner tonight.

LJ 18th anniversary

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My Stat card from LJ.

lots of stuff happening
Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted that I need to write about.

First, we have a fish tank now. It was Dad's idea to get it for my niece when my overseas family visits this summer. I decided to wait and let her name the fish. We have four Endler's Livebearers, two males and two females. We also have two fry, but we aren't sure if they are Endler's or not. They are closely related to guppies and can have fertile offspring with them, but they are a separate population in the wild. The males are prettier than male guppies. They are silver with a black bar, a patch of red, and a line of shiny green. They have black and red stripes along the top and bottom of an otherwise colorless tail. One of our males has a long flowing tail, and the other has a short tail. The females are plain silver with colorless fins, and right now the fry look like miniature females. If either fry is male, it will still be a couple weeks before they start coloring up. We also have three cherry shrimp and a snail. Those all like to hide.

Easter was nice, but I ate too much chocolate, most of which I bought the day after. We had prime rib, twice baked potatoes, broccoli salad, cooked carrots, and carrot cake for Easter dinner, and my brother, Nick, came to visit with his dog.

This past weekend, I went to the National Whitewater Center with Nick. It had a big festival going on all weekend, but I only went on Saturday. Nick had done a paddle board race on Friday and won his heat, so he went back on Sunday for the final of that race. On Saturday, I took Colby, while Nick paddle boarded for fun in the morning, and then he did the endurance race in the afternoon. I watched the entire race because I'd been walking around the center all morning looking at vendors, watching people on the water, and watching people do zip lines and rope courses. I didn't buy a pass to do any of that stuff, but watching was good enough. Lots of people had brought their dogs too. I saw the most adorable toy fox terrier.

I have finally seen Finding Dory. I liked Finding Nemo better, but Hank the octopus was a fun character. I also watched a cute documentary about puppies.

I've started the Whole30. I like getting to cook for myself once and a while.

Transportation Museum
This past Friday, Mom and I went to the North Carolina transportation museum. It was in an old train station in Spencer, NC. They have turned all the old train yard buildings into museums, and their main exhibits are old trains. They also had old cars and a model of the Wright Brothers' plane. One of the display train cars was an old caboose, and the old roundhouse had an old hospital car and an old post office car that you could walk through. There was an old dining car and an old lounge car too, but they weren't open to walk through. There was also a display of model engines, and I found the model Conrail engine which is like so many of the real engines I saw growing up in a town dominated by a train yard. I looked for other familiar models, Union Pacific and CSX, but I didn't see those. I guess because those are more from the North and Midwest. There were old cars in another building, and one of those was an old pick up truck that was turquoise and white just like our camper. There was an old milk truck and some old Fords from the early 1900's. Some of them were even older than the model T.

We also got to ride around the museum in an old train. All the coaches were from the early 1900's, and the engine was an old diesel from the 1950's. I think there was an old steam engine in the roundhouse, but I also saw one through the window of the back shop. The back shop and the turn table were closed for renovation.

Mom and I wwere going to have lunch in Spencer. We had seen the downtown from the train, but we discovered that it was mostly dead when we drove through it. We drove to Salisbury instead and had lunch at a BBQ place. The portions were big even though we got the smallest tray. They had nice spicy coleslaw and a hush puppy on the side. We explored downtown Salisbury after lunch. It was fun to explore the old consignment shops and gift shops. There was also a very nice book store, and one of the gift shops had a very pretty and sweet cat as a store pet. She was very soft.

I learned something new about St. Patrick's day that I didn't know. I learned that Catholics wear orange and Protestants wear green. A guy that was in one of the shops said that. He also said, "She must be both because she's wearing green and orange." My red jacket looks orange in certain lights I guess, and I was wearing a green shirt that day.

Dixie's tribute
Here is my tribute to my sweet dog, Dixie, who we had to have put down on 2/20.


The past week
I got to do quite a bit of fun stuff over the past week, but I've only just now gotten a chance to write about it. This past weekend I got to go to both the Southern Spring Show and the Home Economist grand re-opening. I had been at a wellness fair the weekend before, and I found out about the re-opening. They have totally remodeled their store, and it looks really nice now. I don't go to that store often, but I'd been enough times to know where things were in the old store. I need to find everything again now that it's all new. Both the wellness event and the grand reopening had samples, goodie bags, and drawings, but Mom's and my luck has run out, and neither of us won anything at either event. We used to always win stuff at those things but not any more.

I had fun at the spring show trying all the samples and seeing demos. This is one time I wish I had more money because I want the vibrating platform. It's so fun to stand on, and it's like getting a massage without all the touching. I also saw a knife I wanted because it would allow me to slice things thinly without hurting myself. I'm too much of a klutz for a regular knife. I always want the swinging lounge chairs too. And if money was no object, I'd also get a juniper shrub so I could trim it into a Bonsai tree. I found out a lot of Bonsai trees are actually juniper shrubs. I also got to pet some sweet dogs. There was an off leash dog trainer at the show who had three dogs there, and Killingsworth pest control brought one of their dogs. She reminded me so much of Dixie.

Other than these weekend events, I've been working on collecting pictures for Dixie's tribute. It's been so hard going through our archive. That's both because it's tedious, and also losing Dixie has been the hardest pet loss I've had to deal with. I finished gathering pictures, and I'm not even going to look in the non-digital pictures. Mom set me a deadline of Wednesday which would be Dixie's 19th birthday, so I don't have time to go through boxes of old pictures. I still can't look at pictures of her without getting upset, but I've been forcing myself. I even found an old picture of Rudy that I wish I could have put in his tribute. It was of him standing on the kitchen scale, and it read,"1.0." (ounces)

At CRC, one of my Barred Owls is broody. She laid an egg last week, but since she dropped it from the high perch, it broke. She has been lying down on the perch, and she has a cuddle buddy. One of the others is very cuddly with her. It looks really cute. My Red Tails were extra skittish today, but I heard that they were all grabbed earlier so that's why. They got grabbed last Monday too because I got buzzed due to their skittishness.

It's cold outside. I want it to warm up so I can ride my bike.

can't think of a title
I've been neglecting my LJ. I need to write in it more. I still need to make Dixie's tribute since it's been a week, but I still can't go through pictures of her yet without getting upset. I tried. Also, they are on Mom's computer, and it has that stupid trackball that I have always hated using ever since Dad bought it years ago. It cramps my hand.

I was buzzed at work today by one of the Red Tails, Big Red. She's the sweetest one of the three, but they are all skittish. In other CRC news, rehab got its first baby of the season. It's a Great Horned Owl, and it came in this past Friday. They gave it to our super foster owl mom, Betbait, who is still fostering chicks at age 32.

I'll have more exciting things to write about later this week because the Spring Show is this weekend, and also there are other fun things going on Saturday. The Bradford pear trees have already been bloomed out for a week, and this is the earliest I think they have been since I've lived here. We have had purple irises for even longer and the daffodils are blooming even though we don't have any of those in our yard. The other colors of irises haven't bloomed out yet. I want to walk over to the greenway and see if the white ones there have bloomed yet.

Izzy is out on the screen porch right now. He enjoys it out there especially when the Carolina Wrens are singing. He responds by imitating one of their chirps.

My family has all had stomach aches. I really want mine to go away.

Sad day
sad budgie me
My family has to go have our dog put down today. We have had her almost 19 years. She would have turned 19 in March, and we would have had her for 19 years in May. She has been shutting down. She hasn't eaten or drank anything all weekend, and she's been sick to her stomach. My dad was up with her all night for the past couple nights, and the rest of the family sat with her all afternoon yesterday. We took her outside and let her sleep in the sun because it was nice weather. I'm putting off work until this afternoon because of this vet trip. I will make a tribute for her, but it may take a couple weeks to get it up onto Youtube since I have to go through 19 years of pictures both digital and not. I will post it here and DA both when I make it.

I felt good on Christmas at least, even if I feel like crap now.

I got fleece pajama pants and matching slippers, a Chick-Fil-A calendar, an external hard drive, some candy and jerky, and a couple nice books. One of them came late, and it is a book on raptor rehabilitation by CRC's own vet, Dr. Scott. My brother, Nick, and his dog, Colby, came over. We got a fun game for Christmas, and Mom, Nick, and I played two games of it. Dad was cooking so only played with us one game. It's called Tokaido, and it takes place in old Japan. Then Mom and I took Colby for a long walk because he kept getting in trouble. He kept trying to eat everybody's jerky that we all got in our stockings. He would have gotten his peanut butter jar open if Nick hadn't taken it away from him. Yes, I gave Colby his very own jar of peanut butter for Christmas. Crack for dogs.

Then the next day, I felt good enough to go to CRC and clean cages, but stupid me decided to ride my bike to work. The trip over was fine, but the ride home was too much since the big steep hill on Hambright Road is difficult to ride up when I haven't ridden in over a month. Then I took a nap in the afternoon and went to CVS and Walgreens to look for after Christmas sales. I was cold when I got home, so I took my temperature, and had a fever of 102. Blech. Round three with this dumb virus. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and was tested for strep, flu, and mono. I didn't have any of them, but still had a fever of 102. I was put on big doses of ibuprofen and prescribed strong cough medicine. Medicaid doesn't cover cough meds, so I had to pay full price ($32) for it, but I did have enough money left in my wallet to buy that medicine anyway. It has worked better than Delsym, which is what I had been taking. I laid low yesterday, and my fever went away last night. I still want to sleep most of the time.

I also found out that Dad ate Nate's Christmas present. I thought I had told him that block of peanut butter fudge was spoken for. I know I mentioned it out loud at least twice. Now I have to make more even though I don't want to. Mom found out when she was going to pack it for their Thailand trip. She found it in a drawer 3/4ths gone. I'm a little mad especially since she won't let me yell at him because she already did.

Christmas to do list

Order Des's present (priority)
Call/email friend in Indy to get new address (priority)
email other friend in Indy
make more caramels for gifts (prioity)
make more jelly candy
make more peanut butter fudge
buy Dad's last present
Buy present for Colby
Buy present for Beretta
make coconut candy or divinity for Dad
Buy Spray millet for Izzy


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