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A very sweet surprise
I had a very sweet surprise happen today. A friend from church's daughter was at a rock concert, and there was a budgie flying around. He flew straight to her, but since she has two cats, she couldn't keep him. My friend loves animals very much and is always finding homes for rescues. Guess who she called first. So now I have a new budgie. He's a normal light green who I have named Rocky. I have him quarantined in the office right now, and I'm also going to try and tame him a little bit. I plan on introducing him to Izzy after quarantine, and putting them both in Izzy's cage if they get along. I will get pics an videos later. The cage he's in now is actually bigger than Izzy's cage, but it is old and not quite as well made as Izzy's cage, and I plan on giving the cage back. Rocky is very sweet, and I hope he and Izzy get along. He has already sat on my finger.


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