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Transportation Museum
This past Friday, Mom and I went to the North Carolina transportation museum. It was in an old train station in Spencer, NC. They have turned all the old train yard buildings into museums, and their main exhibits are old trains. They also had old cars and a model of the Wright Brothers' plane. One of the display train cars was an old caboose, and the old roundhouse had an old hospital car and an old post office car that you could walk through. There was an old dining car and an old lounge car too, but they weren't open to walk through. There was also a display of model engines, and I found the model Conrail engine which is like so many of the real engines I saw growing up in a town dominated by a train yard. I looked for other familiar models, Union Pacific and CSX, but I didn't see those. I guess because those are more from the North and Midwest. There were old cars in another building, and one of those was an old pick up truck that was turquoise and white just like our camper. There was an old milk truck and some old Fords from the early 1900's. Some of them were even older than the model T.

We also got to ride around the museum in an old train. All the coaches were from the early 1900's, and the engine was an old diesel from the 1950's. I think there was an old steam engine in the roundhouse, but I also saw one through the window of the back shop. The back shop and the turn table were closed for renovation.

Mom and I wwere going to have lunch in Spencer. We had seen the downtown from the train, but we discovered that it was mostly dead when we drove through it. We drove to Salisbury instead and had lunch at a BBQ place. The portions were big even though we got the smallest tray. They had nice spicy coleslaw and a hush puppy on the side. We explored downtown Salisbury after lunch. It was fun to explore the old consignment shops and gift shops. There was also a very nice book store, and one of the gift shops had a very pretty and sweet cat as a store pet. She was very soft.

I learned something new about St. Patrick's day that I didn't know. I learned that Catholics wear orange and Protestants wear green. A guy that was in one of the shops said that. He also said, "She must be both because she's wearing green and orange." My red jacket looks orange in certain lights I guess, and I was wearing a green shirt that day.


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